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Open High-ways

A Knight Rider RP/OOC community.

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All Members
Open High-ways is a Knight Rider community linked to milliways_bar. Here, we can plot or RP out storylines that occur only in the Knight Rider worlds.

This community will be open to characters that have joined milliways_bar that have a connection to the KR worlds and the KR characters. All memberships are moderated and will be approved pending verification that the character is in Milliways and has reason to be in this community as well.

We'll be posting Knight Rider episodes that happen, but aren't necessarily RPed out, as well as canon changes as we go along. We might even link to some KR scripts for those who are interested.

Moderated by always_k_i_t_t.

Sub-Milliways Rules:
1: OOM RP should be posted by the participants in the RP to milliways_bar.