Michael Knight (still_michael) wrote in open_high_ways,
Michael Knight

Blind Truth [Part Five]

They'd been out driving when Devon called.

Cutting loose in the desert, playing, basically-- celebrating Michael being told that he was back to twenty-twenty vision again. Granted, he still had to wear dark glasses if he was going to be out in the sun, but that was a precaution. Since Michael didn't relish the idea of losing vision later in life, it was a precaution he could live with.

But. In a miracle of timing, he'd called them, wanting to see them, saying they had things to settle.

And since that was true, they'd worked out a time to meet (at the Foundation, of course) and then disconnected the call.

Michael hadn't really wanted to talk to Devon, but the day had finally rolled around.

He had a bad feeling about it in general.
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