Kitt Knight (always_k_i_t_t) wrote in open_high_ways,
Kitt Knight

Blind Truth [Part Two]

The bar had been generous this morning. Kitt had breakfast in his hands when he managed to get home, and it was less than five minutes from when he'd left. That meant that Michael, he hoped, would still be asleep. All of the shades were still drawn, leaving it dim indoors, but Kitt didn't mind. He knew where everything was, knew where Michael was.

He'd managed to go to the bar through the bathroom door - why was it always the bathroom door, anyway? It meant a short trip, though. He was glad to have a master bath off their bedroom.

The food boxes, embossed as they were with the Milliways logo, fit just perfectly on Kitt's nightstand while Kitt climbed into bed once more. He stretched out beside Michael, his arm wrapping around him, nuzzles given to Michael's cheek. "Good morning," he murmured, pressing little kisses to Michael's cheek.

That, he thought, was better than an alarm clock.
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