Kitt Knight (always_k_i_t_t) wrote in open_high_ways,
Kitt Knight

[Goliath Returns] Finé.

The aftermath of what had happened at the new installation had left Kitt reeling. The vacation they'd been granted afterward had been no surprise at all, given what had happened.

After the cacophony of alarms and gunfire, Kitt had managed to get to Milliways. There, he'd fetched both of his brothers and a certain Dark God. He'd only seen a portion of the action himself - he'd actually held a gun and had come close to using it, and that was before...

Well. From what he'd heard, Karr and Bonnie had gone on a wild spree, with Ray being slightly more subdued, before rescuing Devon and April, and resetting the house's overload circuitry. Eddie had been sent to take care of Christina and the man who was pretending to be her uncle. Of course he'd managed to do it with, pun half-intended, flying colours. He had a smile that could make anyone melt if he applied it in just the right way.

What Kitt had seen was a new kind of car chase with Goliath plowing through police vehicles, the national guard, a rock truck... Asar-Suti had followed the two of them as they'd chased Goliath, and Kitt had felt better for the backup. They had Doctor Bergstrom in Goliath's trailer, though. That prevented much of the action they could have taken. It had been Asar-Suti's hand that had saved Doctor Bergstrom just minutes before he and Michael herded Goliath over a cliff's edge.

It was reminiscant of how they'd done Karr, Kitt had thought in those milliseconds he watched Goliath fall. Those few moments seemed to stretch forever. Karr had plummeted just so, nose down, seeming to explode in midair. Goliath fell much more ungracefully, the trailer loosed from the cab, hitting the water first, but by less than an eyeblink. It was only as the cab struck and sunk that Kitt realised what had happened.

There had been two human lives in that cab. And now, sinking as it was, having struck rock beneath the water's surface, those two lives were, had to be, snuffed out.

He had, as a side effect of saving lives, killed.

His reaction hadn't been pleasant. It had been up to Eddie, Bonnie, and Karr to take everyone to places where they could be safe. Luckily enough, the house's carpool had still been intact. Kitt had needed more careful attention. Michael had had to talk to Devon once they'd reached the apartment, and Kitt had remained home for some time to regain his own balance.

It was blessedly over. Garthe would never bother him again, he thought. Garthe was, even if it was by his doing, dead. There was only another small scar in his mind from having killed - something he had never been intended to do.
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