Kitt Knight (always_k_i_t_t) wrote in open_high_ways,
Kitt Knight

Let It Be Me

His mind had not been on what he was singing. He'd gone through the old tried-and-true songs, but then he'd sung two new ones that seemed to be well-accepted as well, but his mind was very much elsewhere. He'd translated the binary into alphanumerics, but it'd been April that discovered what they actually meant. (And Kitt thought she needed to go back to the travel agency, personally - eventually, the woman was either going to velcro herself to Devon or try to crawl up Michael's pantsleg. Really.)

There was going to be setup time between his band and Class Action, and so as they left the stage, Kitt looked for Michael. He had news to tell him. Slightly worrisome news. And most of it had to do with just what setup had to deal with. Jimmy was thrilled with it of course, and he knew that if he didn't catch Michael first, Jimmy would be happy to spill the news. The fact that this concert was going to be a live telecast didn't really matter anymore.
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