Michael Knight (still_michael) wrote in open_high_ways,
Michael Knight


Kitt had met his band, talked to them, gotten used to them. Most of them, he was going to get along with. His bassist, keyboardist, and drummer were all fantastic, though he felt like his second guitar needed him to prove something. All of them, though, picked up on his songs and though they needed lyrics sheets, they were ready.

He was more than impressed, and he thought, for a few moments, about how good it was to have... friends. Not exactly friends he'd known for so long or so well as Michael or Bonnie or Ray, but friends. People who had no idea he was a car... But nothing could be perfect.

His drummer, named Jason, had asked him quietly, "You're not gonna... like... hit on me or anything, are you?"

Kitt had almost fallen off his shoes.

That tale was one of a few he got to tell to Michael and Stevie over dinner, while he wasn't apologising or trying to explain. But then, almost before he knew it, he was in front of a crowd of people, all screaming their enjoyment. He opened with Waiting For the Fall, as he'd known he would. He kept the pace up with Breathe, and then eased the crowd into Let Me Go. The set ended with his ballad. And he was still smiling, happy, waving and yelling "Thank you!" to the cheers as they headed off stage, a five-person tangle of a successful concert, Kitt almost towering over all of them. Tracey was pressed against his side, because he could fend off the crowd for her - she was only five-three or so. But it was time for the band people had actually paid to come see to take the stage.

Class Action.

Michael Knight's debut as lead singer.

Lights and music and a cheering crowd, and Michael with a guitar in his hands. Blue leather-- or fake leather-- not skintight, but tight enough. And the song he'd been rehearsing for days.

"There's a look you've got in your eyes
All aglow, and so inviting," Better, he was better-- sounded good, but

something's not right

Stevie in something that looked Victorian-pretty before it had been shredded, pale pink and white gold adventure-novel heroine, 'pushing' Michael to his knees, half dancing as he sang. "Telling me you're watching my every move..."

something's not right something's wrong something's wrong

He pulled her into his lap. Her voice was as beautiful as ever, warm and soft and harmonizing with his.

"Why should we wait for a while
When your touch is so exciting
Full of fire burning beyond control, Whoa!"

He kissed her cheek. The fans loved it.

something's wrong something's wrong

They sprang to their feet, Stevie moving, Michael strumming the guitar Kitt had brought him-- it really could make anyone sound good.

"This could be our first night together
Listen to my heart and you'll know it's right
Doesn't it seem there's a spell falling over us tonight?"

Something is not right

Son of a bitch!

"This could be our first night together
If we only follow our heart's desire
Waiting like a fire to ignite, could be our first night tonight!"


The crowd went wild.

Michael hoped he was seeing lighters held in salute and not spots swimming in his vision. Stevie didn't give him a chance to blink and try to clear his sight, but took his hand and pulled him into a bow.

And another.

And then offstage. Michael had to jog to keep up.

Something's not right...
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