Michael Knight (still_michael) wrote in open_high_ways,
Michael Knight

Blind Truth [Part One]

Michael had been called to the lab to help April out with something she was adding to Kitt.

They'd had a couple of fairly easy cases (okay, the O'Brian case shouldn't have been so easy, but they'd had an unexpected amount of help) since returning from their vacation-- a vacation Devon and April had needed almost as much as Michael and Kitt.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was musing on Joana and David-- he thought they'd make good partners, in the end. Maybe not in a romantic sense, once they got the adrenaline-fueld attraction out of their systems, but good friends who could work well together.

Michael was thus all smiles as he headed into the lab-- maybe April would last through the summer after all, even if Kitt never did get around to showing her both his shapes. "So! What are we working on today?"
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